Thanks for checking out Collide Student Ministry! Collide is a group of students (7th-12th grade) that gathers each week to dive deep into God’s word, experience meaningful worship and make some incredible friendships. It is the focus of Collide to help students take the next step in their faith journey. For some that is an introduction to Jesus, others it is coming to know him personally, and for others it is walking intimately with Him. Wherever you are on your faith journey; Collide is a place for you. So come and join us and you will find that a Collide gathering will quickly become the highlight of your week! Collide Student Ministry: where real life meets real faith.


Collide Wednesday Nights (1).png

Collide Wednesdays are awesome! Our Summer services are all of 7-12th grade together from 6:30-7:30 PM! We play games, worship, and get into The Bible. Overall we're striving to help students take the next step in their faith journey! We can't wait to have you here with us!

Where: FBW Event Center

Summer Services: 6:30-7:30 PM


Growth Groups are a time to get plugged in to a smaller group of students and grow together in God's Word. This is where you will really connect and find deeper fellowship. We encourage all students who come through Collide Student Ministry to get involved with a Growth Group!

Growth Groups are held in the FBW Event Center. We always serve free food and drink to our students during growth group hours!

Saturday - 7:15pm

We have worship on Saturdays at 6pm. We offer a growth group afterward at 7:15pm. We have 1 boys class and 1 girls class. All ages. This is just another option in case Sundays aren't the best for you. If you want a class with only your grade and gender, check out our Sunday Morning growth groups!


Sunday - 9:30am

Our 9:30am Growth Groups are geared more towards the Jr. High Students (7-8th grade). We have separate classes for both 7 and 8th grade boys and girls. For this hour we have one 9-10th grade co-ed class. And one 11-12th grade co-ed class.


Sunday - 11am

This is our final option for Growth Groups and its geared more toward High School Students (9-12th grade). We have specific classes for grade and gender of 9-12th grade students. This hour offers one 7-8th grade boys class and one 7-8th grade girls class.